Thursday, April 23, 2009

Maiden Post!

Hello my beauties. If you are reading this then you have found your way to my very first Romance blog!

It has been a long road for me to have the nerve to let people in to view my work, but it's now or never...I guess.

Okay so you have inevitably read my "About Me" and my "Welcome" posts to the right of this blog, so lets get started.

I've always been a "dive right into the deep end of the pool" kind of girl, and how I approached Romance writing was no different I, can assure you.

My story (romance writing) began about six years ago when my still wonderfully sexy husband of 30+ years gave me a Romance novel of my very favorite romance author (want to remain nameless, here) and I discovered how disappointed I had become with this author's writing over the her previous couple of novels. I felt that the quality of what I personally look for in a lusty, senusal, historical "bodice ripper"...(Oh come on now you know the kind I'm talkin' about. The type of prose that sweeps you off your feet, has your heart racing so that you need a bowl of water and a fan at the ready and it totally whisks you to a romantic world that you know in your womanly heart of hearts does not exist, but you wish it did. (Or as Stewie(Family Guy) likes to put it..."A menopausal masterbatory aide" LOL).

Not only was the standard recipe for producing a basic romance novel not present, but I thought to myself, " This author is either sick of writing romance or they are at the end of a contract and is just wanting to pump this drivel out and get rid of it". (Still love that author, by the way, and for the record, authors should be able to entertain their own personal muses when they want, but just don't forget your loyal fan base).

One thing that I have learned, since beginning my juorney as a writer is that we cannot please all the people, all the time, to turn a phrase. There is a recipe to writing romance. Yes...a recipe.

Just like cooking and then serving up a delicious gormet meal, so too should your romance be served up to your readers, if you want to sell your craft. If it is solely for one's own enjoyment, then so be it, do not compromise. Write in whatever style you choose. But if you truely want to be read and attract a following, then you must cater to a certain extent. Sorry. That's just the way it is.

Back to the recipe

One Part: Primary Hero should be animalike, hardbodied, edgy but likeable. Possess a huge but tameable ego with an attitude to match. A man's man. No metrosexuals wanted here, lol.

One Part: Primary Heroine can either be goddess-like or ruggedly beautiful...You know the type we say "boy she cleans up well". She should be equal to (w/o emassculating ) the hero, in intelligence, sexappeal, sensuality, quick-wittedness, with an "I take no prisoners" attitude. No shrinking violets need apply.

Two Parts: Brought together and ripped apart. Circumstances of their meeting must capture the reader in a profound way so that the reader can buy into caring about the main charachters realtionship so that when, what ever the circumstances of the break up happens they want them to get back together. You want the reader to root for the couple the entire way through the story, to the end.

Several Parts: Sexual tension. From the very begining these two star-crossed lovers should want to kill to be together, but the author needs to pace the sexual tension...drawing the reader to the charachters as any self respecting voyure would want to experience a lustful scene. But keep it respectable now. This is not pornographical literature were talking about. This young lady is giving it up only to her night in shinning armour, Highlander in a plaid kilt, James bond tuxedo guy, Cowboy in hat and chaps, etc.

The sex should be mentally stimulating without being too salacious. It should make the reader want to squirm a bit and fan themselves while sitting in his/her favorite comfy over-sized chair or to fling back the wedding quilt that would normally serve as their night time "comforter".

And after the inevitable breakup of your two sexual superheroes, there needs to be a remounting of that same magical tension to be able to keep your reader interested in the final outcome.

Sprinkle in a few supporting charachters to make the story more three dimensional. Lets face it, no one wants to read they met, they fell in love, they had sex, and they lived happily everafter. Right? I want a storyline with some chops to it. Take me somewhere. To another time period. To another part of the country. Hell, to another country!

In short..."Enrapture" me within the pages.

Fold in the ending neatly. This is a key requirement of the romance genre. A happy ending MUST happen....and we all love a great happy ending. Don't we?

And that's basically the recipe. There are different variations of the recipe, but essentially they are all pretty similar. Different generes of fiction carry with them different recipes. Most of the world loves a good chocolate chip cookie. right? But there are many different versions of the old standby...the toll house cookie. So why should fiction writing(of any kind )be any different.

On a personal Note

What I look for in a really absorbing, senusually lusty romance novel is ebb and flow. Hook me immediately ( I have the attension span of a moth ) or within the first chapter. I know, I know...all the pros say the hook should be within the first page, but that's because agents, editors, and publishers don't have time for a story to take shape. They are in the business of making money and signing writers who will bring in constant and residual streams of income for their particular interest.

I read this material for the escape. I want to be entertained and stimulated on many levels. If it's all sex and no storyline, you've lost me. I want it all baby! Great charismatic lead charachters that I can relate to on some level, secondary characters to provide the support and comic releif, a storyline that is addicting with enough fantasy to make my heart beat fast and my inner monologue say..."Man is this hot or what?!"

I want to feel sad that the story has ended and wonder if there will be a sequal or want to run right out and buy that author's next body of work and, ultimately, this is how I want my readers to feel about my body of work.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this topic and until my next entry...

Take care Adrianna

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