Monday, July 27, 2009

Well it has been ten months since I have heard from NCP, so guess its time to polish up the query letter and fine tune the synopsis.

Querying and synopsis writing have got to be the greatest challenges next to writing your manuscript. But it is a necessray evil in the process.

I'm told that even the pros have difficulty and hate it as much.

I know that there are query writing services, but that's another unecessary hunk of cash to plunk down and with a little effort one can accomplish this task. Hey let's face just wrote an entire manuscript, I'm sure you can manage it.

Don't know how the rest of you all are doing but I feel depressed at times and feel as though I am wasting my time. Dreaming of something that will never be. Then somewhere out of the blue I get a surge and pick up and begin again.

What I do is go on the net and look up successful writers and read their bios or stories of their humble beginings. Knowing that the pros once thought that their writing was trash, somehow seems to help get me thru the doldrums.

Hhhhmmmm...if anyone out there is following along and would like to give suggestions of how they cope with the "waiting game" give me a shout, lol.

Have a great day...Happy writing, everyone.